Hidden Camera Wall Clock

Hidden Camera Wall Clock

Most homes have at least one clock on the wall and they almost always go unnoticed. Unless you need to know what time it is, and your watch or smartphone aren't readily available, clocks are just kind of there on the wall and nobody pays them much mind.

Ummm...can you imagine a better place in your home to hide a secret camera? You'd probably be hard pressed to find one.

People throw around the phrase "Oh, to be a fly on the wall" all the time, wishing they could be in a certain room, at a certain time and during a certain event.

Well now you can, with a quality hidden camera wall clock from ACES Spy Shop in San Antonio. With several items to choose from, it's the best place in southern Texas for all of your spy and surveillance needs.

While clocks are great items in which to house hidden cameras, there are certain things you want to look for when determining which one is right for you.

Hidden Camera Wall Clock Features

These important attributes include video resolution, what type of memory card it uses (SD card or micro SD card, for example), recording options, if it uses motion detection, whether or not it features live view, if it's compatible with your wi-fi and several others.

Most hidden clock cameras feature excellent video capture resolution. So if the model you've chosen doesn't have the resolution you hoped for, it's probably best to go with another model.

Most hidden cameras come with an extremely affordable price tag, particularly if you look around and find the best one for your situation. A spy camera can be an invaluable tool in helping to protect your loved ones, your home or office and your possessions, the affordable price tag being an obvious bonus.

Hidden Camera Wall Clock Usage

A hidden clock camera can be useful in a number of different situations in both the home and the office. Let's look at a few instances when having one of these items can be especially helpful:

  • As a "Nanny Cam." Hiding a camera in a teddy bear or stuffed toy is still the most popular way of keeping an eye on your kids and the individuals watching them. But it's also the most obvious, as most people know of this method now. Having a hidden camera in a clock, however, is not something that most nannies and babysitters are going to suspect.

  • Watching Your Pets. A lot of pet lovers like being able to see what their dogs or cats are doing when they're at the office or away from home for an extended time. If your phone has a "live view" option, you can easily check in on your four-legged friends any time of the day.

  • Protecting Your Belongings. You can program hidden clock cameras to send a notification to your smart phone whenever they detect motion. You can then take a look at the video and notify the authorities if someone is in your home who doesn't belong. You also have video evidence you can playback on a DVR later and even provide those details in a court of law if necessary.

  • Catch a Cheating Spouse. If you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, then a hidden camera can certainly help you to capture that infidelity in action.

  • Capture Everyday Life Moments. This has nothing to do with protection, but imagine being able to catch those candid moments of everyday life and saving them to watch many years from now. You can enjoy seeing your kids and spouse at different stages of life acting normally as if a camera wasn't recording what they were doing. This is a great way to create a lasting video diary of your lives together.

Why choose Hidden Camera Wall Clock

Hidden wall clock cameras are great tools to have at your disposal, with the overall goal of protecting both your loved ones and your belongings. A wall clock camera is not something that will be easily detected, again it's an item that people just don't often notice in your home and/or office.

A wall clock hidden camera from ACES San Antonio will give you peace of mind and a way to keep a constant eye on the people and the things that are most important to you.

A few things to contrast and compare when you're looking at hidden spy cameras:

  • Video Quality
  • DVR Compatibility
  • Playback Options
  • Camera Quality
  • Items that Ship to Your Location
  • Camera Durability

Whether for your home or office, or perhaps both, look for cameras that have exceptional video quality and that feature a glowing customer review or two. It would also be helpful if you can sync it up with your DVR and that you see items that ship easily and quickly to wherever it is you're located in the United States.

So if you want to protect your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a hidden spy camera that features exceptional video quality can certainly help you to do just that.