Picture Frame Spy Camera

Picture Frame Spy Camera

We all have picture frames on our walls, right? Photos of our loved ones, memorable moments of our lives, perhaps even an award or two or a treasured keepsake from our children.

Sounds like a perfect place to hide a hidden spy camera doesn't it?

A quality picture frame camera can easily be hidden in plain sight without drawing any attention to itself, allowing you to capture video files and still shots of what's going on in your home or office at any time of the day or night.

A hidden camera that rests in a picture frame of you and your family is great for capturing those covert and stolen moments, or for surveilling your nanny or babysitter while he or she is watching your children.

These types of cameras come in several different varieties, with features that include a rechargeable battery, wi fi connectivity, motion detection, a built in DVR, crystal clear video quality and much more, all at what is usually a reasonable price.

Is Picture Frame Spy Camera Worth the Cost?

A hidden camera that's motion activated allows you to maximize the battery life and capture only those moments and scenes that you're truly interested in reviewing later on. The cameras come on only when motion is detected, meaning your battery isn't being used to video record an empty room for hours every day.

Where can you find the best picture frame hidden camera on the market today? Well if you're in the San Antonio area, the one and only place to buy quality hidden cameras is at ACES Spy Shop. These products can prove invaluable in protecting your loved ones and your possessions, so only visit the best spy shop in San Antonio to find a picture frame hidden camera as well as the rest of your spy and surveillance needs.

Some questions to ask yourself when looking for the picture frame hidden camera that's right for you:

  • Does the picture frame camera come with a Micro SD card (or micro SD memory card) or a standard SD card?
  • Is it motion-activated? A motion detection feature is very important for battery life
  • How much video recording can you achieve before recharging the battery?
  • Do the products come with a USB Cable?
  • Is it compatible with your DVR?
  • Does it have a photo option as well as video recording?
  • Does it provide a notification feature via email or smartphone application?

You also want to read the product description before purchasing any spy or surveillance items from ACES San Antonio or anywhere else. Be sure that the number of items or products you're buying have the video quality you want, are motion activated and are in good condition (if you're buying used).

A picture frame spy camera can be a great investment for protecting your loved ones and your possessions from unscrupulous individuals. Just do a little homework and find the one that's right for you and your unique situation.